Social Permaculture

Permaculture couldn't exist without its social community structures. Community-building is central to sustainable living. Learning to communicate authentically, without judgment, is a core feature to working with other people. Permaculture weaves together non-violent communication, art, music, stories, and nature to bring people into a community.

People matter. You are important. Your health, happiness, and life purpose are keys to making permaculture an everyday reality. Learn about the ups and downs of living in community, the tools and techniques that help resolve conflicts and disagreements, and unite people together.


1. Lecture 56 - Native American Story

Stories inspire, teach, and engage people, and are the oldest form of keeping knowledge alive through the generations. An inspirational Native American story about "The Peacemaker" is told to the class to demonstrate the power of story in social change.

2. Lecture 57 - Social Applications

Authentic communication is essential for intentional communities to work and be socially sustainable. Disagreements are inevitable, what's more important is to transform it into a creative experience through non-violent communication. How do you respond to disagreement and criticism? And what does your vocal tone convey?