Urban Permaculture Applications

The countryside is a romantic place where true sustainability seems achievable living off-grid. And yet, now more than half of the world's population now lives in towns and cities. As humans are also a part of nature, our cities exist within natural ecosystems. There is so much potential for permaculture engagement from the thousands and millions of people living in urban environments. Bringing permaculture to the city ensures a sustainable future for generations to come.

Urban permaculture takes on new challenges, from children running and playing, to pets, road traffic, and urban heat island effects. Permaculture embraces each of these challenges, trusting that there is a creative solution to be found. From backyard and front yard gardens to green roofs, vertical farms, community gardens, and simple window planters, crowded urban environments are actually brimming with space to grow food and ornamental plants.


1. Lecture 52 - Urban Permaculture

Running an urban landscape business with integrity is a challenging feat. Hear about Larry Korn's personal experiences in this business. Learn about the dangers of lead, the importance of pH in soils, special wind effects in cities, and other solutions to city life.

2. Lecture 53 - Urban Permaculture

Urban permaculture presents a slew of new challenges to consider. It's not just the wind, water, sun, or fire hazard - it's also the kids, urban animals, urban heat island effect, vehicle and foot traffic. Learn about how to work with people in an urban environment, rebuilding urban soil, dealing with urban animals, building compost piles, the pros and cons of bird feeders, and ways to deter animal pests from coming into your garden. Larry Korn infuses his lectures with entertaining stories.

3. Lecture 54 - Urban Sustainability

Sustainability can save humanity from itself. There's every reason to remain hopeful and inspired. Kevin Danaher, founder of Green Festivals, Global Exchange, author, and advocate, shows how movements in green business are gaining traction and infiltrating mainstream markets.

4. Lecture 55 - Urban Sustainability

One of the key obstacles to moving sustainability mainstream is legislation. Working with local policymakers to create the legal infrastructure necessary to support sustainability is truly empowering, and sends a strong message to the rest of the country, and the world, that people are seriously ready for this change. Learn about how San Francisco is a leader in passing green legislation, and how the rest of the world can learn from their work.