Own the COMPLETE PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE with Larry Korn and other amazing instructors on DVD. 

dvdThis eighteen-DVD collection is your key to creating an abundant, regenerative, secure future for yourself and your loved ones through even the most challenging times.  From designing abundant gardens to greywater reuse and rainwater catchment, permaculture holds some of the most profound solutions to the challenges we face.

Permaculture is a regenerative design science rooted in the patterns of nature, with practical applications that extend far beyond organic farming into every area of our lives. As a holistic design science, regenerative design is a powerful paradigm of sustainability for governments, businesses, cities, communities and relationships. It is ultimately about maximizing the quality of life and health for everyone through smart design focused on maximizing sustainable yields.

buy-now-notextIt used to be that you had to pay thousands of dollars to take a permaculture course, but now you can own the whole training on DVD to watch from the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost.

Here are some of the many topics covered in the permaculture course:

Solar Energy- Permaculture principles for smart design
- Pattern observation and site analysis
- Natural building construction
- Renewable energy and appropriate technology
- Rainwater harvesting and conservation
- Passive and active solar design
- Graywater considerations and system design
- Waste recycling and treatment
- Reading the land and natural cycles
- Soil regeneration and land restoration
- Food forests, trees and garden design
- Agroforestry and forest gardening
- Useful plants and herbs
- Cooperative economics and financial permaculture
- Scale – designing sustainable, thriving cities
…and much, much more

Special DVD Course Launch Offer
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Order by Friday, June 28th and we’ll include the Permaculture Fundamentals e-book, a $35 value completely free.  That’s a total savings of $115!

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison