Lecture 03 – Ethics: Restricted Access


Sustainability is a popular term these days, but it is only the first step. If we truly want to live here on this planet for as long as we can, it is imperative that we develop a harmonious and peaceful relationship with our home planet Earth. Nature is our home and guide – from her we can learn to truly live sustainably.

As one of the few people who saw potential for regreening the desert and regenerating natural resources,¬†Masanobu Fukuoka was a visionary in natural farming.¬†Larry, having worked with Fukuoka for many years, shares some of Fukuoka’s ideas and philosophies. He explains the purpose of plant guilds in permaculture, the importance of spending time observing nature, the true ease of working in harmony with nature’s flow, and the inspiring movement that is growing for a more sustainable food system and a more sustainable future.