(001) Permaculture Fundamentals – Introduction: Restricted Access


There are huge problems facing our world today, and permaculture is one path to a more sustainable and just world. Concepts of permaculture have been practiced since ancient times, but the modern version of it was originally started by Bill Mollison. Defining permaculture is tricky, because it encompasses so many elements. It is ecological agriculture and it is also permanent culture, incorporating social and political structures as well. On a smaller scale, you can start living a permaculture lifestyle right now, beginning with yourself.

Learn about Larry Korn’s story of meeting natural farmer Masanobu Fukuoka and living on his farm to learn his methods of farming in harmony with nature. With no need for plowing, pruning, or weeding, Fukuoka increased his yields while decreasing his labor. Larry introduces the class to the history of permaculture, and discusses the reasons why we need permaculture today.