Lecture 04 – Principles: Restricted Access


If you stick with conventional gardening, even using organic methods, you will be stuck doing a ton of work! The key in permaculture gardening is if you let nature do the work, you won’t have to! Everything will flow in its right time. So don’t worry about making mistakes, because nature will help you restore and heal those mistakes. There’s a level of freedom in permaculture gardening you can’t get with conventional methods – your plants don’t have to be in orderly rows, and it doesn’t have to look like a clean cut grid of rows. In fact, it’s better if everything grew rampantly and fell free.

In this lesson, learn about how and why letting nature take over will ultimately help you become a better gardener. Learn about how weeds can help you cover ground and contribute to succession, and how you can grow thriving gardens even when you don’t have much space.