Lecture 05 – Principles: Restricted Access


Modern agriculture has entirely neglected the idea of ecology in its quest to mechanize food production, bringing forth the issues we see today of poor soil quality, topsoil loss, biodiversity loss, and more. Learning about ecology allows us to develop ways to reverse these issues, increasing soil quality, building topsoil, and encouraging biodiversity growth. Succession is one of the basic principles in ecology, and is key to managing food systems in a sustainable way.

Larry explains ecological solutions in permaculture, such as the role of weeds in succession, and focuses on positive, solution-oriented perspectives. He touches on taking public action for things you believe in, Fukuoka’s methods for building and healing the soil, and methods in forest gardening. Learn about planting in succession, ecological repercussions of harvest, community connections, and the progress permaculture as a movement has made in the last 30 years.