Lecture 47 – Aquaponics: Restricted Access


A really cool thing about permaculture is that you can weave together different principles and design methodologies to create something with multiple functions and outcomes. Talk about efficiency! This is exactly how nature works. For example, rooftops are a huge contributor to global warming because they deflect sunlight and radiation back into the atmosphere. Rather than letting them sit under the sun, stack functions and put something there – grow something! It could be growing plants, but it could also be host to solar panels or rainwater catchment systems.

Teaching permaculture to people in destitute conditions is a way of empowering them to make a living through planetary healing. Not only do they get better living conditions, but the planet does too! This lesson discusses one way to stack functions and gain multiple outcomes – aquaponics, a system of growing fish and plants at the same time. This self-cleansing system makes for an abundant harvest!