Lecture 42 – Water: Restricted Access


How would we treat water differently if we saw it as a universal, sacred healing element? Could we work with it and use it with greater respect? Would we be compelled to study it in greater detail and reverence? Designing for water is a crucial aspect of permaculture design. All life needs water, and water is always flowing. Good design helps filter water, and channel its flows to nourish life rather than to destroy. By studying and understanding water dynamics, we can harness its regenerative power to nourish life rather than having poor water design destroy life.

Max shows us a macro to micro perspective of water, from landscape to garden level. Through stories of different places around the world, you can see a multitude of beautiful ways water can be used beneficially. In this lesson, learn about different ways to use water to nourish life – through swales, mulch basins, wetland systems for blackwater filtration, and aquaponics. Also, a special tale of how the modern day toilet came to be.