Lecture 38 – Water: Restricted Access


Water is the source of life, but it hasn’t been treated with much reverence in our modern world. Most people take water for granted – there’s so much around, what’s the worry? Plenty of water falls from the sky, oceans are vast, and cover most of the Earth, so there’s no need for concern. Yet, fresh water is an incredibly precious resource. Desalinating the ocean will destroy the ecosystem, so we must turn to creative ways to conserve our water use.

There are already many innovative, simple, and inexpensive ways to use water conservatively. Americans can reduce their water use in half simply by installing rainwater catchment and greywater systems, which are very easy things to do. Larry discusses greywater systems, smart water designs in the garden (such as berms, swales, and weirs), looking at water from a global perspective, and includes discussion on how to describe permaculture to the general public.