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    Michael R.

    Hello from Basel, Switzerland
    Since about 9 years I´m living in Switzerland. I was born not so far from here in the South of Germany, somewhere near the famous Black Forrest.
    Unfortunately I think I´m one of the older students here, I just turned 45, sniff.
    My interests are in a looots of things: Natural-Gardening, Bee-keeping, healthy eating – like Sprouts ; making bread, mushrooms growing (no drugs) – and trinking Kombucha & Kefir…, sounds quite healthy, but I´m not so strict and no vegetarism (yet).
    I love travelling and I´m in love with Finnland/Suomi
    Hope we have a good exchange here, of experience and new ideas.

    A good course for everybody – and thanks to the makers for this oportunity!!!



    Adrian Woods

    Hi Michael,

    49 so older than you!!!

    Look out for a bee keeper called April in the forum and you will probably know Sepp Holzer:

    Sepp Holzer permaculture

    Any news about whether the Black Forest is recovering from acid rain?



    Maria Gorski

    Hi Michael,

    We have 2 things in common, besides interest in permaculture. I also live in Switzerland and I am also 45 (but no sniffing here :-) I am an American, been in the Zurich area for 21/2 years. I am starting a small gardenng business here. Looking forward to the course!




    Michael R.

    Normally Ladies first, but I let Adrian wait so long for an answer… so first to Adrian:

    Hello Adrian,
    ok, you won the age contest close – but for sure that means more experience.
    Yes, I know Sepp Holzer – thats how I got introduced in Permakultur. I had a Sepp Holzer book as an Christmas gift for my uncle – and in the end, I was more interested in it than him. His thoughts inspired me
    and made me curious for more – so that I made a short course at his Krameter Hof.

    To my shame I have to admit, that I had to google what happend with “Saurer Regen” = acid rain in my
    home area. I was big in the news about 20-25 yars ago. They say, that the Black Forest has recovered
    a bit, maybe due to less airpollution combined with a lot of lime spreading in the forests. Its out of the media (and it was out of my mind too), but I would not say the Black Forest is safe now.

    The people in the South are now more concerned about Bahn 21 Stuttgart, which was a main reason
    that a green party got into power here, against long long tradition of more conversative parties.
    And they are discussing to step out from nuclear power plants and searching for alternatives.

    Would be nice to stay in contact with you – if you can live with my German unyipical “Manjana”



    Michael R.

    Hei Maria,
    would love to hear more about you and your garndening business.
    Is there a Homepage about it? Be free to sent me/us the link.

    Contact would be nice, Here or via personal mail – if you allow/want I could also call or skype with you.

    Hope to hear more from you



    Adrian Woods

    Guten morgen Michael,

    Greetings to a man who has met the great Sepp Holzer and heard his words of wisdom directly, in his own language!!!

    I automatically assume that anybody who is “laid back” about answering is busy in their garden, which is where we should all be. Where I live and until the water systems are in place, the plants (especially the annuals) will not take “mañana” for an answer.

    This course, while extremely valuable, may be “unmanned” at certain times while the organisers attend to more urgent matters, so I think it is upon us to use the facilities provided to create our own networks, exchange ideas and post additional (on topic) information we may have on the subject.

    The wide range of subjects and books already discussed in the first third of the videos is overwhelming and will surely give us good guidance and hours of reading in the years to come … while not losing sight of the whole point, which is to get out there and Observe, Observe, Observe … reflect/design and then (maybe) do something.

    Now we are at a place where Edible Forest Gardens are being discussed, we might spare a thought for the Philosophers like Jünger and Heidegger who drew inspiration from the Black Forest and other places of retreat from the brutal world among them. For English readers, we may point to Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden or Life in the Woods”. Several times in the videos and discussions, I have heard variations on the theme that “providing an example to the neigbours in our own gardens or projects – if done properly – may be more empowering than political statement”. Our retreat to gardening may be a more powerful public statement than writing books about philosophy.


    A friend sent me this photo:


    that makes me think that rice growing and fish ponds may become the new German agriculture due to global warming!!!

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen



    Hi Michael,
    45 – that´s not old :-)
    I am 52, and I am from the Southern part of Germany as well (Stuttgart-area), and I love the Black Forest – and Switzerland.
    However, now I´m living in Denmark :-)

    Liebe Grüße



    Hi everyone,
    Even though I am younger than you people, I am from INDIA ,Kerala which is a green beautiful and youthful place for everyone . I found that we have a lot of varieties of plants both medicinal and others around our home………………



    Welcome to the Online Permaculture course Michael R. – we’re thrilled to have you join us!

    I want to check in to see how you’re progressing with the course and to inquire if you’re intending to pursue certification with us? Have you seen the other forums here? With tens of thousands of people now enrolled in the course, the forums are rapidly becoming a fantastic resource to ask questions and to meet other people studying permaculture (many likely in YOUR area!).

    CERTIFICATION LAUNCH DISCOUNT: While the online course continues to be 100% free, we are about to launch our online certification track which builds on the existing content, adding a design project + an examination and leading to the internationally-standard Permaculture Design Certification. I am not sure if you saw our e-mails, but if you order the certification by end of day tomorrow (Friday), it’s just $249 (regular rate will be $389). You can sign up for certification @ https://regenerative.com/certification

    As a sidenote, we’re about to film a bunch of new content, this time specifically for-video (rather than being film of in-person course). That content will get launched over the next few weeks.

    Would love to hear if you have any feedback about the course and whether you’re planning on signing up for certification with us! Cheers and again, welcome on-board!

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