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    Got ideas for what we can do to improve the course? Please post in this thread!

    Please know that we are currently planning on re-filming some of the course specifically for-video (as opposed to be film of an in-person course). That upgrade is coming soon. :)



    Here are a few things I can think of. iPad app, transcripts, PDF notes for each course, the completion checks were a helpful tool. I’ll add more as I think of them. Thanks for listening to our suggestions!




    It would be good if each section of the course had more resource PDF with links to other resources like videos, articles, etc. So we could study more in depth into areas that interest us. An example would be one of the videos where they are talking about cleaning water in China, which after researching was very interesting and will be trying to incorporate into my dams.

    Thank you




    I wish the videos showed the slides that the instructor is talking or on the field trips, show what the speaker is pointing about. On the videos I’ve watched so far, it’s only of the speaker standing there talking. I can’t SEE what they are talking about. Kinda frustrating.

    Otherwise, the content sounds great!

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