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    Adrian Woods

    Have put a few Wiki definition / biography links in to supplement the books and other things said (or mumbled) on the videos).

    GLOSSARY: A lot is to be learned from terminology in other languages (including Latin names for flora and fauna).
    This is an enormous field so perhaps a “Multi-lingual Glossary” thread could be used to point to resources like: https://aims.fao.org/kos/multilingual-multiscript-plant-name-database

    … while keeping the forum language in English and reasonably on topic (Rolling On The Floor With Laughter, it being Permaculture where the mildest part of the glossary headings might be:
    Aphids, Bulldozers, Circuits, Drainage, Explosives, Fruit, Geology, Hugelkultur, … Zephyr !!!)

    Wikipedia is a great resource because you look up your term and then click on another language in the left margin and it usually brings up a good translation.

    For example: “mulch” is “mantillo” in Spanish. Close to “manta”, blanket, which is a good thing to cover with “because Mother Nature does not like being naked”.



    First – Thank you very much! What a stellar cool project!

    I agree with Ian – seeing the slides would be great. Even if they are set as a downloadable that you just have to follow along with the professor on your own, rather than attached to the video. Quiz questions (even only like 3) at the end of each video will insure the person certifying the lesson complete really did watch it. This can also make a certificate at the end of the course more valuable.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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