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    Hello from Missouri,
    I listen to The Survival Podcast and have become very interested in permaculture. I am retired and want to grow my own food and become self-sufficient. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this program. I hope to accomplish my goal with your help.




    Gloria. Miami. USA

    Great initiative. Many, many thanks!!!!

    I’have been reading about permaculture since I bought a beautiful piece of forest in Colombia. After 20 years of hard work in USA, I have plans to move back and have my own Permaculture farm. I have been taking some organic courses and growing some vegetables in my backyard. I’ll love to be part of global movement where people and nature are preserved and enhance by thoughtful planning, careful use of resources, and a respectful approach of life.

    With love.



    Greetings from sunny Florida were it goes from warm, to hot, to hotter! My husband and I are part of a local group of the Transition Initiative and are trying to bring resilience into our community and our own lives. We have wanted to learn more about permaculture for some time now but time and money constraints have inhibited us. We so appreciate you for offering this free class online and very much look forward to working and co-creating with Mother Earth leading the way.



    Hi – Bob and Chris from NW Connecticut. Got interested in permaculture listing to Jack Spirko and Paul Wheaton. Was never interested in gardening but this seems like the best investment to make for the future.

    Course seems great so far. (FYI – Paul Wheaton, interviewed Larry Korn in one of his early podcasts.)
    I’m a 57 year old embedded computer systems engineering and Chris, my son, is a middle school student. He would like to be in the High School agricultural education program and hopes to bring the permaculture principles into that program in a couple of years.



    Joseph Bataille

    Bonjour from Haiti. This is exciting. For years I’ve been trying to afford the time and resources to dive into a hands on permaculture course (which I still plan to do) but the timing and the travel cost has been prohibitive until now. This isn’t the hands on course that I had been looking for, but now I finally have a chance to deepen my knowledge of permaculture. In the coming years, I hope to build the experience and knowledge that can inspire my countrymen to help me to lead the way in forging our own tropical permaculture innovations to share with the world.

    I look forward to learning with all of you!

    –Joseph Bataille.



    I am in east Texas and have been reading and studying permaculture on my own for a couple of years now. I teach social work in a graduate program now, but I plan to retire after the spring semester next year and work full time turning my seven acres in to the best permaculter space in the area. Right now I have the beginnings of a forest garden with about 20 fruit and nut trees, a couple dozen chickens, eight geese, 7 ducks and a kitchen garden. The list of things yet to do seems endless.

    I wish all of you the best.



    Hello from Redondo Beach, California.
    I live in a house that has a postage stamp backyard (40 X 10′ maximum, and about 10X8 of that is a concrete patio). I have been working on producing as much as I can in that small back yard. Replacing all our sprinkler risers with soaker hoses, planting year around, etc. I am very interested in permaculture and what I can do in such a small urban environment.
    I look forward to discussing permaculture with the group!




    Hi, I’m from Finland (now studying in Sweden). I hope to learn a lot of new things I can apply in my garden.



    Hi from Spain My name is Victor, i am 57 years old. Though i was born and rise in a big city as Madrid, i love outdoors and nature. I’ve been working as a veterinarian in public health issues since 1979, and i got interested in permaculture 12 years ago reading one straw revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka, 3 years ago my brother and me started to practice permaculture principles and this is our 3rd spring on a piece of land of about 2.3 acres, my brother is learning PDC at Geoff Lawton’s site and told me about this free online PDC from Regenerative Leadership institute he heard about in a transition movement group at Tavira, a small village in the south of Portugal.



    Hi from Mexico. I’ve been fascinated by permaculture eversince I knew about it (a year and a half). For now practising ecotechnologies in a high density population community, realizing that connections with neighbors must be made in order for a pattern to emerge.



    Hello from Brisbane Australia!
    We currently live on a smallish suburban block in the city, but we have started saving up to buy some land to get into permaculture (to live it), so we are doing lots of planning. I grew up a farm, so I know lots about animal husbandry and soil and stuff, but really want to have a go at a much more environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to growing our food. Plus I see lots of benefits in reducing our dependency on supermarket chains and fallible public infrastructure. A great book I have started reading is the “permaculture designers manual’ by Bill Mollison – dovetails really well with the material I have seen so far on this site.
    It is great to join this learning community from all over the world :)



    I live in Miami. Permaculture has been an interest of mine that I finally have the summer to pursue. My parents have a mature and producing tree yard with star fruit, tamarind, avocado and mango. I have tried small veggies,, but weeds take over every small plot. Interested in what I can do for my small tropical space.
    Thanks for this course,


    Richard moore

    My name is Richard Moore an I have been waiting for this for a long time. I have all ways wanted to do a class like this. My problem is I would never be able to pay for it now that it is free I get to do it.



    Hello from sunny San Diego!! I am a 24 y/old MOntessori guide and I am so excited to learn more about permaculture and connect with my fellow permies:):):)~Ana



    Hey everyone,
    My name is Kevin from, CA. I recently found out about permaculture while getting more into prepping and ways to be more self reliant and build sustainability. I was a Boy Scout when I was a young man and I grew up loving the outdoors. I don’t consider myself a “tree hugger” as most people would define it as I love 4 wheeling and quad riding in the woods. However, I do believe we need to be responsible with our relationship with the Earth. I recognize the nature of the way our country runs and believe it is not be sustainable and so I’m hoping to learn more through permaculture about all of these things.

    I welcome community engagement.
    My email is: 4kprepper@gmail.com

    I just started a blog:


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