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    Greetings from Georgia (the US state, not the country)

    Enjoying the course. I’m looking for ways to turn my 1 acre suburban lot into a personal food forest for me and my family. Fascinated with the idea of letting Mother Nature do most of the work for me!



    hi from France,
    i’m 37 year’s old and my name is Laouen. i’m really interested in permaculture and i want to thank you for this website. impossible to find something comparable on the french web : permaculture is really at its beginning here. i’m looking forward to watch all these videos and to learn.
    Thanks !



    Hi, I’m Doug from western New York. I’ve been prepping for several years and in the last couple planting what I hope to develop into a food forest. I watched the first introductory vid with Larry Korn. It seemed to end in mid sentence. Did I miss something?

    Looking forward to taking the course.



    Greetings from China!
    I’m Alick from Fujian Province, China. I got a MD on Plant Molecular Biology. The idea of food forest deeply attract me. Last year, I participated in a workshop of Permaculture and the ethics of permaculture made me feel This is what I want!
    Looking forward to communicating with friends here.



    My name is Chloe. I’m from MIlton, Georgia, a little town around 30 miles north of Atlanta, GA). We moved away from Atlanta a few years ago to a three acre non-subdivision lot that has a partially underground house, a big barn, a woodlot and a place to garden. The land area is a mixture of small farm/horseraising pastures, rapidily being encroached upon by multi- million dollar houses in gated communities. But we moved to an area that still has some open land and good,neighbors who still have backyard gardens. I was used to row gardening (my family had one that I worked in as a child), so I started practicing organic row gardening with heirloom veggies five years and also have a small orchard (apples, pears, blueberrie and blackberries). I started a separate raised bed garden a couple of years ago. I read Gaia’s Garden a couple of years ago also and became fascinated with the whole permaculture concept since it made the most sense of any design philosophy that I’ve ever read on the matter. So I read more books and watched a lot of youtube videos. But I’ve had trouble incorporating PC into my gardens (although I am trying cover cropping this year and a three sister’s guild planting). Plus I incorporated deep root mining plants (borage, comfrey, clover) into my orchard and have planted many bee-friendly plants nearby. But I’m sure there is so much more that I could be doing. It’s just hard to get rid of that row garden idea that has rooted in my mind!

    I learned about this course from a share from a friend on Facebook who subscribes to the APPLE Center for Sustaingable Living in Nevada County, CA. I’m enjoying the friendly, laidback feel of the course and hope that the info I learn here can help me transform my organic row garden and orchard into a more sustainable, earth-friendly ecosystem.


    Ger Duut

    My name is Ger & I live in Holland where I have a Permaculture Project of 8880 m2. (The Medume project – no link: the site is only in Dutch)
    Today I completed the online Permaculture Design Course at the Regenerative Leadership Institute. A complete PDC for free at the moment you have time. I find this great!
    OK: there is maybe some fine tuning to do (I missed some summary ‘s and I find the 2 hour lesson is to long [chop it in 2 parts] and at some parts the audio was not optimal and some charts can’t be seen good)
    But in the total: Great work – THX to All who made this possible.

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    Hello from the Netherlands!
    I’m looking forward to learn more about permaculture! I’m in the first stage of making our (small) gardens into permaculture gardens. Everything I stand for I can find in permaculture. Now I’m finally able to put this in to practice in my own garden!



    Hello from Idaho.

    I was sent here from The Survival Podcast. I’m a broke kid trying to find a way to take care of myself and my family. The theory of permaculture makes too much sense to ignore and the library books were doing a lot of good in directing me to it, and getting me started. I really wanted to take a PDC course, but as I said above, I’ma broke kid so, I am excited to go through this course and learn as much as possible while applying it to my own back yard.



    Hello from Las Vegas!
    I’m finding much needed serenity in growing my own food. The therapeutic effects are remarkable! I’ve begun with an herb garden plus basic tomato and pepper plants and was looking for tips on natural pesticides and fungicides for my herbs. This program seems to be an amazing opportunity to learn how to extend what I have into what I need. Thank you so much for offering this! I look forward to what participating has to offer. Thanks again! I will pass this on…


    hedy oppolzer

    Hello from Portugal
    My name is Hedy and I’m very happy to be taking part in this on-line course. I’ve been an organic smallholder for about thirty years now. I’m very open to the idea of permaculture which I think can solve problems we have here in Portugal: dry summers, grey water disposal ,better use of rain water and so on.

    Many thanks for your superb course.




    Hi all!
    I saw a short film on permaculture almost a year ago, and it never left me. I do not work in agriculture, nor do I know a lot about it, but it feels like my calling to engage in this initiative. My grandparents left my family a large plot of land in France, which is literally abandoned for years. Together with my father (also incredibly inspired by permaculture) we want to start building and living in a self-sustainable way and in harmony with men and nature. But first we obviously need to learn more about it. This is the frst step for me in engaging in the permaculture world. Really looking forward to it! I see myself applying the knowledge and ideas in the foreseeing future. Yet I don’t know yet where to start.
    Thanks for sharing it online!



    Hello from Athens, Georgia, USA. I know very little about any of this, but am interested in learning more. Thanks for offering this opportunity.



    Hi, I’m Graham from SW Missouri. We have a four acre plot that has been used for cows for the last forty years. We moved here two years ago and have been interested in the sustainable living movement for a few years. We are starting out with a garden and pasture raised rabbits, but eventually intend to transform the land into a food forest with the addition of goats and chickens.
    I wanted to do Geoff Lawton’s course but the cost was way above our budget. I had resigned myself to the fact that all these courses were just too expensive. So when I discovered this course I was amazed that it was free. I have watched the first four videos and I’m really impressed. Thanks for making all this possible!



    Hello from Norway
    and thanks :D



    Greetings from Kentucky, USA.

    So many amazing people here. I am very impressed.

    I am retired and live in town on a little over two acres. I spent a fair number of years living in the woods in simple structures such as tipis. Now I live in an old southern style farm house that originally had no electricity, running water, gas, kitchen or bath room. I garden organically and am trying to learn to grow all of my food organically. I am not sure how much alternate technology I can legally implement here and do not know much about permaculture but I saw this course and thought I would find out. Sometimes I go to a permaculture group here. I like the post where they are trying to find lazy ways of doing things. I do not think there is an easy way to be self sufficient but I do think it is much easier to live in nature than to fight nature. Western civilization is insane and we really need some major changes.

    Thanks for offering this. I look forward to learning.


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