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    I just watched lesson 21, because that is of particular intrest for me.
    It was a bit of a disappointment, that the videos, that the class is talking about are cut from the course-video.
    Furthermore the whole conversation from the students is recorded to quietly, so that in the end there is very little information in this 30 minute video, that can be understood.

    Would it possible to at least show the videos, that the students are seing and talking about?



    We do not expect to make any upgrades to the existing footage. There will however be an overall content upgrade coming that will result in the majority or entirety of the course being re-filmed “for video” (as opposed to being just a film of an in-person training).

    If this is one of the Larry Korn lectures, some of the slides are available online for you to download @ https://www.permaculturedesigntraining.com/supplemental/



    Hi! I strongly recommend linking to the supplemental materials from the lectures they correspond with. I didn’t know this existed until someone told me.

    Thanks for all your hard work!



    Eliza, as I type this, our film editor is inserting the slides into the video footage itself. We’re also about to film a very significant part of the course again, this time specifically for-video (rather that shooting an in-person course) which will dramatically improve the quality of the program.

    Our priority was first to break through the politics (there are certain people in the PC community who do not want this knowledge available without fee) and release the course; then focus on components that drive revenue; and then continue to improve the content itself. When this upgrade is completed (very soon!), we will have an extremely polished product.

    From here our roadmap will take us towards creating new programs specifically designed for corporate clients; my own interest is heavily in looking at how to take permaculture out of the garden and into the workplace.



    Excellent, thank you SO MUCH. I’m really excited to see the new videos, too.

    I really appreciate that you have stood up to the politics of the situation. Permaculture instructors need and deserve to make a living, but there will always be people who have the means and prefer to take a class in-person. Thank you for recognizing the importance of this info being available to people of any location or income.

    I write this as someone who has paid full price for a PDC but am excited to supplement it with this course. I am also thrilled to be taking this course with members of my community who can’t afford regular PDCs.


    Vasily Kiryanov

    my own interest is heavily in looking at how to take permaculture out of the garden and into the workplace.

    +1 on that

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