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    Adrian Woods

    Video 14 has an interesting discussion about reaching out to the underprivileged on “bad” housing projects, helping them, step by step, to empower themselves and realise that there are “free” resources like rainwater and that “Gardening is something you DO, not BUY” that does not require university trained, certified landscape gardeners and architects.

    Adobe houses and other “eco” architecture seem to have become a plaything for those who can afford the land, architects and building permits … so what about all those people stuck in concrete flats?? Vertical gardens, urban permaculture … ???

    Boston Common was mentioned, where you are not allowed to walk on the grass and only the rich are assigned an allotment. For the historial implication of the “commons”, look in the Book Thread for the article on the Magna Carta by Noam Chomsky.

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