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    Its imperative for us, especially in Africa south of the Sahara to “sustainably change today so that our children can dream freely about their tomorrows” (J. Hanslo, 1998).

    Having completed tertiary qualifications in Geography, Anthropology, Environmental science and Horticulture and having worked in the horticultural industry propagating plants, extensive knowledge has been gained to take permaculture to the next level.

    In this relatively simple system, no seeds or seedlings are purchased, but are gathered through “random selection”, as most African farmers do not have the means of production or the money to fuel production, vegetative propagation through vermiculture gets the ball rolling.

    I have successfully been growing tomatoes,potatoes, carrots, turnips, broad beans, green beans and even rice in my vermiculture bins. I get donations from the community twice a week(less organics on the dump). This is where random selection takes place. A random selection of veggies start growing. Most seeds and vegetative growth takes 3 days to either germinate or callus and the vegetative growths can take less than a week for root formation. A pinch of the composted soil around the roots works wonders in hardening-off and final transplants.

    Half a cup of water(mixed with worm tea) per two plants every two days keeps my plants vigorous. I mulch with anything I find, eg. feathers, grass, wool, etc.

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