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    Hello friends,
    We’re thrilled to welcome you all to the free online permaculture design course. This forum is the place to post questions and comments about the course!



    Good to hear, this should be a great resource!



    Looking forward to learning more! Thanks!



    Just started the online classes. Really enjoying them. Thanks so much for offering this online program.



    Maybe I have no right to complain but it is very frustrating that you keep the camera on the teacher while he is explaining, and talking about, the images/projector. We do not need to be watching him speak while important images are being viewed. PS…I love this!


    Henry J

    I second what Mushroom man says it doesn’t happen in all the videos but would have really liked to have seen Larry’s slides on his talk about Fukuoka.

    Sometimes a little difficult to hear the questions too as the students are no where near the micrphone. Otherwise great work, really appreciate it all.



    This is full of great morsels of permaculture! Love it. thanks



    Will we recieve a PDC certificate when we complete the course?



    It’s a really cool thing, just like Cousera. Good job!


    Brittany brain

    I agree, the audio lets us hear what he is saying, the slides would have been great to see too. I don’t need to watch him standing there to hear him.



    Brad… I assume not because I keep asking and not receiving any response to the question.



    Kim – you know what happens when you assume, right? :P
    We’re just super busy with the production of the DVD course. Once that’s complete, more upgrades will be coming, including the slides. Note that most slides are actually IN the video, it’s just the first few lectures.



    I just started the course. I hope to learn a lot. I want to get certified so I can use these principles when I get back from Kuwait.



    Hi thank you for producing this course. I plan on doing the course in person locally but being on a disability pension makes it very hard to find the money to pay the cost. My preferred course offered to pay in installments and the cut off was yesterday to get the discount but didn’t have the $300 to put towards the first payment so thankful I can watch and learn from this as I find it hard to concentrate to read for more than a short period due to my health issues. I’m hoping the finances will make a recovery and there will still be a place for me in my chosen course so whatever every ones circumstances may be let’s all keep staying positive and create change in whatever capacity we can. Cheers Polly



    Hi there. I’ve been wanting to know more about permaculture for a long time, but never found the time to attend a full course. Even though, I’d love to have a more pratical approach to the subject, I hope your online course will give me the chance to have a first good grasp of the matter. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

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