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    As a Master Gardener, I truly appreciate you guys for making this course on Permaculture available at no cost. I’ve just finished the Intro and can’t wait to delve in deeper. A trillion thanks!



    Greetings and thank you for offering this amazing opportunity! I am so glad to have found my way here. I have always loved growing plants and being around animals, have tried various approaches to gardening, and now live on a mature woodland property in eastern NC. I like to say that I am doing an ecological restoration, but I have no other guide other than pulling out invasive species – like privet and non-native honeysuckle that prevent other plants from growing. It is amazing what emerges just by these simple actions. Native plants abound!
    But, I want to integrate the ideas of permaculture. No worries on the mature trees (100′ trees that are terrifying in a hurricane), got them in spades, my limitation is more on the availability of sunlight! As the first couple of talks went along, I felt a bit frustrated, I don’t need to fix most of my soil, it is a woodland, it is spongy and lovely. I am frustrated by lack of sunlight. Ok, so a couple more videos, and I remember the thornless blackberries I planted here and there and the native blackberries zinging up. Then there are the blueberries that are bearing for the first time this year… and I found that lonely PawPaw out there and hopefully the young one that was given to me in trade will allow it to produce in a couple of years, and a couple of those persimmon trees I got from the Forest Service survived, the most excellent hickory nuts – well the squirrels get them, the inoculated logs springing with fruiting mushroom bodies as they wish….
    Good grief, I am already underway in my permaculture adventure! Who knew? Thank you again all for this great opportunity. Karen



    Hi all! So great an offering, thanks so much for all the work put into producing it. I was wondering if there is a posting somewhere of the slide presentation components that weren’t visible in the intro? I really liked seeing Larry, his expressions, etc. I know it would be hard to capture both in a meaningful way! But I would like to be able to look over the slides if possible.

    with much gratitude :)



    Looking forward to getting started learning here! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!



    Hi, looking forward to class.



    The material is great but am going to have nightmares looking at Larry’s face all the time, instead of the presentation. Ouch…..



    hey there everyone just found the forum for the first time so thought id start posting. First id like to thank the regenerative leadership institute for the chance to try the free course cant wait to get more into it. and second who here does home gardening???


    Hello group!



    I have just finished Lesson 1 and 2. Larry Korn clearly has a deep love and affinity with his subject matter and I am thoroughly enjoying his lecture style. Really looking forward to the next one. Is late now [South Africa] and too tired but am very thankful for the gift of this course. Just wanted to say thank you.



    I feel like i have been waiting for this course my whole life, thanks a lot for making it possible.



    Hi.would like to send great thanks to all involved in this work. Many blessings. I have started the course and enjoyed the first lecture. Every time I enter the site to listen to a lecture I seem to get lost? And end up not being able to find the link for the lectures. help would be so much appreciated. Kindest wishes From Africa.



    Just wanted to say thanks for making this available. I had a bit of exposure to Larry Korn through some of Paul Wheaton’s videos, and I’m looking forward to this. Thanks for giving this gift of knowledge to those who are willing to take it and use it. You’re program and this PDC are a wonderful idea and a great blessing.



    ChJust finished the course and wow was it amazing. I see the world through new eyes. I go to town and I am looking at yards and just want to reach out and teach people what I have learned. I have been doing this through trial and error since the early 80′s and didn’t realize there was an actual name for it. I am back on my family homestead and have my chickens, fruit trees and bushes, herbs, vegetables and wood shed all in. I am NOT selling this property. I am leaving it to my grandchildren with the stipulation that is has to stay in the family forever and be taken care of. My four year old granddaughter is learning at my side. She helps me plant and take care of the girls. My teen grandsons don’t seem to have interest yet. I have one question… in order to teach permaculture I need a certificate. I would Love to go into our schools and even adult ed. And present a lesson plan to them is there a certificate available? One other thing I have owned two other properties on this same road and have sold them only to have all my years of planting be bulldozed. If I would have know what was going to happen things would have been much different. So sad to drive by them and all the food production is gone. Anyway Thank you all so very


    Sarvesvara Dasa

    Hello there…

    I registered. I logged in. Where is the course now? Any link? Am I missing something? Please help.

    Thanks in advance.


    Sarvesvara Dasa

    Never mind – I got it… :silly:

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